Community Events


Build the foundation with inner-city communities that brings families, police officers, community, and press together.

Neighborhood communities are common in and throughout all cities. And like all communities, people want to live in their environment peacefully. Traditionally, policing is required when there are issues within the communities that upset peace. It is then that police take on a position that requires, most often, physical restraint to quiet disruption.

The NBPAMN has taken a different stance as we change our view of serving communities. Rather than waiting to be called upon under direct, we want to become members of the communities we serve; hence, we want to see a “common-unity”.

So when viewing our web presence and social media communication you will begin to see our officers blending in with the community/neighborhood landscape. To fit in means to contribute. We will find ways to provide safety and comfort in city blocks traditionally known for discomfort and unrest. Soon you will see our officers out in the streets bringing our people food, music, dancing, and fun.

So we ask you to watch for our initial launch of trust and respectful activities that begin to build this new community relationship, “common-unity.”

The National Black Police Association Minnesota Chapter has taken on the challenging and yet sorely needed responsibility of serving its inner-city Minnesota communities with services that can only be considered above and beyond the call of duty.  The National Black Police Association is striving to become more neighborhood friendly.

We’re taking on a proactive and relationship-oriented engagement with community members and families.

Our neighborhood officers will strive to serve as deterrents to gangs, hence their presence will become a deterrence to violence.  The change in neighborhood relations is the ultimate vision for the work being done by the National Black Police Association Minnesota