Providing youth experiences that drive positive relationships


Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Minority boys and girls are introduced to the great outdoors by taking an adventure to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. They will be mentored and led on the journey with Minnesota police officers.



Superior Hiking Trail

There is nothing better than taking a day and enjoying the great wonders of the Minnesota outdoors. A group of kids and officers will join together in tackling the Superior Hiking Trail.

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School Events

The National Black Police Association of Minnesota recognizes the future depends on the growth and education of Minnesota's youth. The NBPA works with the various schools in participating in events to help encourage the positive relationship of youth and officers.

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Community Events

Relationships at a neighbor level is very important for the NBPA. There are numerous community events the NBPA participants, supports and contributes to ensure s successful and save event for the participants.

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Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

We're all about the kids and driving a positive relationship with police officers and the community.


Dedicated to Change.

Individual and corporate support are integral to our ability to sustain the impact of our programs and service a diverse range of kids. 

Together we can serve and empower our kids and community members all around shared common values.