current program

Superior Hiking Trail


Life-Changing How?

  • Your youth will garner greater friendship, harmony and appreciation for the value of others rarely observed in the playgrounds, or on travels to and from school.
  • Unimaginable levels of physical exertion required in the day-to-day effort that is part and parcel of the achievement of necessary camping requirements.

  • Carrying the backpacks from along the Northern Minnesota Trails garnering an appreciation for teamwork and the wonders of nature.

The Youth Benefits from Backpacking/Hiking Experiences

  • The walking up and down hills and mountains is heart healthy
  • Climbing, maneuvering around boulders along with light jogs with trekking poles lends to weight loss
  • The engagement in campsite development lends to building solid teamwork among peers
  • The involvement, coaching, and caring of mentors with youth is important to building lasting relationships